Family Discovery Walk on Cotton Valley Rail Trail

On Saturday, June 8, Moose Mountains Regional Greenways (MMRG) will offer a ‘Rail Trail Discovery Walk’ as part of MMRG’s program of nature-oriented activities to engage kids, called ‘MOOSE-ies for Families.’ This exploration activity is meant to encourage children’s sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world. The walk will be followed by a picnic lunch and sharing time, facilitated by MMRG staff and volunteers. The event will take place 10-12 pm on a short section of the Cotton Valley Rail Trail in Wolfeboro.


Anticipating the upcoming event, MMRG Education Coordinator Kari Lygren was enthusiastic. “We’re really looking forward to this Discovery Walk and hope lots of new families will join us! The Rail Trail is such a great place to walk and see all kinds of interesting things. We’ll suggest that families pause and listen carefully to the sounds of nature at different spots along the Trail. What do you hear? Any bird or insect sounds? We’ll also make suggestions of things to look for. Do you see something purple? Can you find something that looks like the letter ‘Z’? I bet the kids will amaze us with all that they discover.”


Children of all ages are welcome with their families. Families are asked to bring their own picnic lunches. The outing is free for and open to the public but pre-registration is required. For more information, directions, and to pre-register, call Kari Lygren at (603) 978-7125 or email


‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ stands for Members Only Outdoor and Social Events for Families. MMRG’s program of six ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ activities per year is normally a membership benefit for MMRG member families, intended to create opportunities for families to have fun together outdoors while learning about nature, in order to foster future generations of conservationists.. On this occasion, however, all families are invited to come try out the Rail Trail Discovery Walk, with no expectation of membership. MRP Manufacturing, LLC in Pittsfield, NH is the 2019 underwriter of MMRG’s ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ program.


MMRG, a non-profit land trust, works to conserve and connect important water resources, farm and forest lands, wildlife habitats, and recreational land in Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, Wakefield, and Wolfeboro. Throughout the year, MMRG offers many educational opportunities to inform all ages about the benefits of our region’s natural resources. For more information or to become a member, visit